Teacher’s Pet: #003

I got the job, of course. I had a deep well of charisma ready to be drunk from at all times. Sometimes, admittedly, I felt like a chameleon. I’d always been good with color. I’m not two-faced— I am many faced. Aren’t we all? 

I tried to wear my complexities on my sleeves, express myself directly and honestly. Honesty can be confusing to people though: off-putting, even. I found sometimes I rubbed a select few the wrong way. So sometimes, I did it on purpose.

“Does that make sense?” Ryan tilted his head as he said it, not unlike a dog. I smiled, but not kindly.

“No. It doesn’t make any fucking sense.” I had startled him. It wasn’t the language. It was the objection. And perhaps a little of the language. 


“It doesn’t make any sense. None of it does.” The systems and the processes Elevate relied on were archaic. It didn’t make sense that any part of the workflow included filling out a paper form that would travel, physically, around the office, instead of being solely entered into Prime, the company-wide database.

“What are you confused about?”

“I’m not confused about anything.  If this is how you–they–want it done, I can do it. It doesn’t make sense, though. No.” I smiled again, before rising from my seat and pressing my hands down my skirt, smoothing out wrinkles that weren’t there. I could tell Ryan was uncomfortable. It was hard to make me uncomfortable. I guess we were even now. “Anything else?”

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