Teacher’s Pet: Start Here (a serial fiction) #000

I have wanted to write a serialized story for a long time now. There is no time like the present. However, I know of myself enough that I won’t keep a routine in re: posting on a regular basis. Sometimes I won’t have anything for 2 weeks, and I simply do not feel it productive to push myself quite in that way as of right now. Lubbock or leave it.

If you do stick around, you’re in for a treat. Not to say I’m anything special, because I am most certainly not. I do think you as the generic reader (I am making lots of assumptions here– my bad) might enjoy this story because I am trying to do different things in it.

Although most writers do this to an extent, I am fictionalizing real parts of my life for the sake of moving this character along on a seemingly real path of growth and I will make no efforts to hide this.

Write what you know, but also what you don’t. Noelle Chameleon is a fictionalized version of myself that I created during undergrad in a Fiction workshop taught by Robert Long Foreman at Rhode Island College.

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