Writing to Understand

I realized a long while ago that in order to understand my life, I need to write about it. Yet, I stopped doing this. I don’t know what happened — the usual. Life got busy, like it does. So I stopped understanding.

I didn’t. I’m being a tad dramatic. However, I stopped reading between the lines. I can take things quite personally and quite literally when I’ve slipped into this sort of laziness. Sometimes it feels so necessary to tune the world out, though, and the fastest way for me to do this is to pause after a conversation, interaction, thought, to put the halt on it right then and there from breaking it down like a page of prose. It’s hard to enjoy life if you’re too busy analyzing it, after all.

There’s a better balance than what I’ve struck, though. You have to do some analyzing. I have to do some analyzing. I have done none.

Here goes

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